Continuing Ed and Clinic with the Port-au-Prince Homeopathe Communitaires

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HWB’s first Continuing Education Program took place at the Port-au-Prince nursing school directed by Loveline, one of the Homeopathe Communitaires. She was very pleased to house this event and has welcomed HWB to use the space at any time. When asked if her school needed anything, she has produced a large “wish list”: sterilizer, centrifuge, scales (for adults and babies), teaching mannequins, a teaching skeleton, a hospital bed and a microscope.

It was quite wonderful to reconnect with the Homeopathe Communitaires: Phadael, Loveline, Linda, Wilby, Eugenie, and of course PG. They also seemed to enjoy re-uniting and had lively conversations.

We started the session with a general discussion and report of their practices. Each one delighted in sharing their successes and there were quite a few! The range of clients treated by them, in the last two months, was from 3 to 50! We discussed their concerns, which mainly centered around licensure from the Ministry of Health. A plan was discussed and made. They reported that the dispensary, which is housed at Loveline’s school, was working well. Three Homeopathe Communitaires are responsible for its welfare. HWB distributed more remedies for the Homeopathes personal kits, replenished dispensary stock and added new dispensary remedies. They also readily gave us a list of therapeutics they wish to learn for the next time.

Marina Braun, frequent volunteer for HWB, gave a talk on Potency and Repetition according to the intensity of the symptoms, creating a standard for all, including visiting volunteers. This was well received. They rest of the morning was filled with discussion about Epidemic Protocol and the various Epidemics: Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera and Dengue Fever. They were given all this material in chart form.

In the afternoon we discussed the therapeutics of Head Pain, Wounds, Burns, Protocol for Surgery (including dental) and the Protocol for Follow-Up Visits. The Homeopathes appreciated the information.

Wilby offered his church and his people for a clinic in La Plaine, a section of Port-au-Prince, and a date and time was set for clinic. The above students, plus Jean Rosier, showed up for clinic. Holly, Lauren, and volunteer Wendy Pollock worked with the Homeopathe Communitaires, supervising them taking cases. There were many families to be seen. A four-year-old child was seen who had been treated recently for Typhoid but was still having fevers, malaise and poor appetite. The Homeopathes chose to give him China 200c to cover Malaria and Typhoid. Another case they took consisted of a 70-year-old woman who had headaches in the sun and hypertension. She was asked about the etiology and revealed that she lost her husband and five children many years ago, but still thinks of them. The Homeopathes chose the correct remedy! Another family of three came to be seen and the three-year-old son was in his mother’s arms, rather listless and clinging to his mama, with the complaint of dry cough for eight days and dark, smelly urine which burned his penis when urinating for the last three days. The Homeopathes consulted with each other and gave him a dose of Phosphorus 200C. By the time his sister’s and mother’s cases were taken, he was up running around and smiling. The students were amazed!

Another woman had fallen through the roof of a TapTap (local bus) onto someone inside, landing on her chest. Since this accident she has had musculoskeletal chest pain and urinary retention.

The Homeopathes chose to give her Arnica 200C and she came back to clinic later and was walking around clearly pain-free, telling everyone how much better she felt!!

I was very proud of our graduates.

It was a good day!!

Lauren Fox FNP-BC, Educator, Homeopaths Without Borders












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